Justin's Voice Is Pure Magic, But His Story Will Inspire You Even More

"My hope is that my story will inspire a generation."

“I don’t want to die with the music still inside of me.”


Those are the words on Justin's official website SavingJustin.com and they are not just spiritual, they are quite literal as he feels trapped inside body.

He one day wants to become a Broadway actor and upon hearing his beautiful voice, you will understand why that dream is feasible. 

But before he takes the grand stage, he wants to overcome his health and weight problem.

Justin isn't alone. His mom, sister and a string of coaches are standing by him.

Through the help of people like "The Biggest Loser" finalist Joe Ostaszewski and companies like Bistro MD, who have gotten Justin in the gym and eating healthy, he is well on his way. In addition, North West Texas Health Care System, is donating free surgery and healthcare for two years.

It's not just health professionals who are helping Justin get on the path he wants to be on. His theater teacher and classmates are also supporting his journey.

Not only does Justin possess a magical voice as a gift, he also wants to help other people in a similar situation.

He explained in a DoctorsTV article, "I fear that if I continue to go down this path of being unhealthy that I will eventually die."

That is the message he hopes to send to all people who have faced tough times and wish to make a change in their life.

In the same article, Justin's mom Julie, attributed their weight problems to a lack of finances to buy healthy foods. Instead, the family relied upon eating mainly fast foods and frozen foods, which ultimately became an addiction.

It isn't all about unhealthy foods though. OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton said, "Several factors can contribute to morbid obesity, including genetics, behavior, metabolic and hormonal issues."

So through this help of his many coaches, family and of course music, Justin hopes to one day shed his weight and connect with many more thousands to share his inspirational story.

All the best Justin. You can do it! Now, relax your ears and listen to the magic that exudes from this mans soul.

Here is a mini-documentary to learn more about Justin, his coach Joe and what he hopes to achieve.


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