When Nobody Showed Up To His Birthday, Strangers Across The Country Came Through

The 6-year-old invited 32 classmates and no one showed. The photo of him alone at his pizza party has gone viral.

Teddy Mazzini wanted to have a pizza party with his 32 classmates for his 6th birthday. But on the day of the party, nobody showed up.  A heartbreaking Facebook post shared by journalist Nick VinZant shows the little boy sitting alone at a long table with pizza and empty chairs.

Teddy's mom Sil Mazzini explained to Fox 10 that the day before the event, she talked to some parents who said they would come. The Arizona mom had prepped 32 goodie bags to give away to the kids and their families. Though the results may have soured her opinions of birthdays, fortunately there is a happier side to the story.


After Teddy's photo went viral, strangers around the world are making sure the birthday boy knows he is loved.

People are sending him wishes on social media. Some are even offering him special birthday treats. For example, a local exterminator has offered Teddy a ride in a "mouse limo" and the Phoenix Suns invited the boy to a game.

Take a look at a few of the loving comments Teddy has received:

According to ABC15, the Mazzinis planned to celebrate Teddy's birthday as a family on Monday night by reading all of the wishes he has received online.

Cover image via Dean Drobot / Shutterstock


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