This 6-Year-Old Boy Made A Music Video Inviting Teddy Bridgewater To His Birthday Party

Guess who showed up?

The Athlete Good Guy Award — which isn't a real prize but probably should be — has been flying out to popular sports personalities left and right these days. In the last few weeks alone, Devonta Freeman of the Atlanta Falcons helped an elderly woman with some yard work, and Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder cleared traffic for paramedics responding to an emergency. Now, Teddy Bridgewater of the Minnesota Vikings is getting in on the good guy action by responding to a young fan's creative campaign to get the quarterback to his seventh birthday party.

Young Obadiah is a big fan of Bridgewater's, and what better way to reach out to your hero than with a custom song? "Hey Teddy" is his straightforward but undeniably catchy masterpiece, asking the Vikings star if he might "want to come to my birthday?"


Check out Obadiah hitting the high notes with a little stomp-and-clap action:

Here he is on the keys, proving he's a multitalented artist:

And you have to acknowledge the visual element is of the highest standard, too:

It all comes together in the full music video from Obadiah, aka "Skolbadiah":

It didn't take long for the efforts to reach Bridgewater, who promptly came to hang with one of his biggest fans:

As local Fox producer Seth Kaplan said, Minnesota is lucky to have such a solid guy as its quarterback. Good on you, Teddy.

(H/T: Bleacher Report)


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