The Only Mom On Team USA Had A Historic Win At The Winter Olympics

“I’m blending the two most important things in my life: My family and my skiing."

Time and time again, moms prove that they really are superheroes. And Kikkan Randall, the only mom on Team USA at this year's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, is no exception.

On Wednesday, Randall took home a gold medal in the women's cross-country competition alongside Jessie Diggins. The Washington Post reports that Randall gave birth to her son, Breck, 22 months ago, and that she's the only mother among the 244 athletes representing Team USA.

"After finishing her fourth Winter Games in Sochi, Kikkan Randall decided: It was time to have a baby. But the cross-country skiing champion wasn't ready to give up her Olympic goals," The Associated Press reports. At 32, Randall decided to take her gap year, 2016, to get pregnant, have the baby, and qualify for Pyeongchang. And that's what she did. 

"I'm blending the two most important things in my life: My family and my skiing," Randall told The AP.

Now, after winning gold in Pyeongchang, Randall and Diggins have claimed "the first-ever Olympic cross-country gold medal for the United States and the first ever Olympic medal in the sport for U.S. women," ABC News reports


“It still doesn't feel real,” Randall said. “It's what I've been working on for 20 years and with this team for the last five years and wow."

Congratulations to Randall and Diggins, and all of the other Team USA athletes making us so proud. 


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