10-Year-Old With Prosthetic Limb Is Finding Inspiration In The Wounded Veterans He's Helping

"Don't give up, and keep on going."

Whether we dream of being a firefighter or a ballet dancer, there are always some obstacles we have to overcome to realize our dreams. Whether these are emotional barriers physical ones, or both, it's important to remember the process of breaking through is often more important than the prize itself. 

10-year-old Diego Mercado has a dream of being a soldier, like his father Captain Jason Mercado. However, Captain Mercado was worried about whether his son's dream would be possible because he was born without a right leg and a couple of his fingers on one hand.


When Diego and his father attended a Ride 2 Recovery event when Diego was 6, it had a lasting effect on him.

He saw the wounded veterans with prosthetic limbs still being active. When they saw Diego with his prosthetic limb, they came over to him. Mercado told News 4 San Antonio, "That day I knew I didn't have to tell him because he saw those guys out there, they were still active duty guys doing it."

After the event, Diego started working with retired army veterans. The father and son then decided to start Team Diego, a non-profit organization with the motto "Every warrior matters." They help wounded veterans, special needs families, and more.

As Diego is helping others, he is also helping himself.

The Team Diego Facebook page and Instagram show videos of Diego working out with army veterans with prosthetic limbs, just like him. One video shows him flipping tires with retired Marine Jose Luis Sanchez. In another one, they are doing push-ups.

Diego told News 4 San Antonio that his message for everyone is "Don't give up, and keep on going." It is a short and simple message, but a powerful one. Just looking at the videos of Diego and the different army veterans shows what an impact those couple of words can have on everyone.

(H/T: Popsugar)


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