Teachers Decorate School Bathrooms With Inspiring Messages To Bring Positivity To Campus

Spreading good vibes.

School bathrooms are often hotspots for graffiti, with profanities sketched on to the walls and stalls. In girls' stalls, there are often insults about others' bodies, making the mirror an especially difficult place for young students. Boys have their fair share of negativity in the bathroom as well. So, one group of middle school teachers in Forney, Texas are trying to counteract that at Warren Middle School Forney ISD. 

Though it's still the summer holidays for many, this group of teachers came back to campus early so they could help spread good vibes to the 800 students returning in the fall.


Mrs. Reigelman, Mrs. Torres, Mrs. Durant, and Ms. Moore came in to decorate the school's bathrooms with positive messages.

The school shared the project on their Facebook page on July 23 and it has received lots of encouraging feedback from parents, students, and strangers.

The photos show the teachers decorating the boys and girls' restroom doors with various messages of encouragement, such as, "Bloom where you are planted," "Your mistakes don't define you," "Work hard, dream big," and "No one ever made a difference being like everyone else." In the girls' bathrooms, the positive quotes above the mirrors feel especially poignant. The stalls have messages such as "Real girls aren't perfect. Perfect girls aren't real." 

After the post received thousands of comments, the teachers thanked everyone for their support and held a Facebook Live event on July 26. They shared their process, exact paint colors and answered questions people had. Their goal was to inspire others to get involved in the positive movement. 

"Our hope is that our vision will be shared with students around the world!" they wrote.

A number of commenters have revealed that other schools have redecorated their bathrooms in similar manners. For instance, the Fayetteville Academy in Fayetteville, N.C. transformed their girls' restroom into a positive space

With both designs going viral, the positive messages will hopefully continue to pop up in bathrooms.

Joshua Garcia, Warren Middle School principal, told WFAA that school bathrooms can be a place where gossip happens or where people go to escape. The staff wanted to create a positive space when students enter the bathroom. "We just wanted them to see that every day," he said. "And know that what is up there is true."

"Everywhere you look is a canvas," continued Assistant Principal Kristy Mach. "You can spread that positivity anywhere. It's just, how creative can you get?"

(H/T: Scary Mommy)


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