People Are Praising A Texas Teacher Who Provided A Snack For Students Ahead Of A Big Exam

"It really shows that he cares about his students"

A Texas teacher's small gesture to his students made a big impact on one of the most stressful days of the school year. Brian Johnston, who teaches English at Clear Springs High School in League City, Texas, offered his students a savory treat right before they took a three-hour advanced placement exam. 

"Students are usually absolutely exhausted for the rest of the day after these exams," Johnston said in an interview with Today. "They have to go in with something in their oven."

Johnston was even aware of each student's health needs and brought in a variety of breads, as well as natural JIF peanut butter and grape jelly. The educator estimated that he made around 50 sandwiches that morning. 

Hannah Hayes, a student reportedly taking the exam, saw Johnston making the sandwiches and shared it with her Twitter following. She told Today that she thought her mom would be only one to see the photo. But, according to Today, it has since received more than 105,000 likes and 20,000 retweets. (Her account and photo are currently private.) 

"A lot of times teachers go unnoticed, and even though it's kind of a small gesture, it meant a lot and it made an impact on students," Hayes said to Today. "It really shows that he cares about his students and wants them to do the best they can."

Others chimed in and praised Johnston's action:

Clear Springs principal Gail Love said that gesture was sweet because students usually wake up early for school and don't have time to eat breakfast. "They just don't eat before they arrive," Love told Today

Clear Springs High School as a track record of doing good deeds. Located just minutes away from where the Santa Fe High School mass shooting took place, Clear Springs quickly organized a T-shirt drive to show support. The school sold nearly 1,200  shirts and all the proceeds went to the Santa Fe Education Foundation.

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