Teacher's Story Shows Why The Classroom Should Be A Safe Space For Kids Learning About Puberty And Periods

"There is nothing weird about talking about it."

It's so important we have open and honest conversations with kids going through puberty. Without the proper information, they may feel inordinately embarrassed about the changes their bodies will go through. And when it comes to young girls who are experiencing a period for the first time, it's especially important to prepare them, and let them know it's a totally natural process that happens to every woman. Sometimes parents don't prepare their daughters early enough for this rite of passage, however, so if a young girl gets their period for the first time at school, it's especially important an adult be there for them. 

One teacher is emphasizing this point with a story she posted to Reddit. In her post, she explains what happened while supervising a class of third and fourth graders. 


After the experience, the teacher is encouraging parents to have a discussion with their kids about menstruation. "You cannot control when you get your period, but you can sure prepare your daughters for it. Please do so," she wrote. "There is nothing weird about talking about it with girls and boys."

The story is resonating with others who got their periods in school and were sometimes made to feel embarrassed or confused by other kids.

Others are being inspired by the post to talk to their kids:

While it's best parents have a discussion with their kids about periods, teachers can be an important resource for any student who needs them during a sensitive time. One teacher made a menstruation kits for students, and other teachers keep supplies such as pads, tampons, as well as snacks, on hand for kids who need them.

Given that girls are going through puberty earlier and the average age a girl gets her period has dropped over the last century, it's important kids are informed and have supplies to aid them.

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