Second-Grade Teacher Has Students Draw On Her Plain White Dress To Encourage Creativity

"I think every teacher should do this! It's a great project and an even better keepsake."

For the past two years, Haley Curfman, a teacher at Blackwell Elementary School in Oklahoma, has encouraged creativity in her second-grade students through a fun, collaborative project. She brings a plain, white dress to class and asks them to use fabric markers to draw things that make them happy. Some students choose to draw figures or objects while others write sweet messages. 

"To do the project, I set up a station at a table with the dress, markers and piece of cardboard to put between the fabric," Curfman wrote on Facebook. "It takes anywhere from 2 wks. to a month to complete, as we just work on it here and there when time allows."


Curfman got the idea from Pinterest a few years ago and "fell in love with the idea." The photo she shared of this year's dress is full of color and creativity. The project can help to inspire kids to bring out their inner artists, but it also likely makes them feel proud to see their teacher actually wear something they made. 

"I usually wear the dress for a class party when finished, and then put it on display," Curfman explained. Last year, she put it on to attend the class Christmas party and this year she wore it to school on Valentine's Day.

For those wondering, Curfman purchased both years' white dresses from Amazon for less than $20. Other teachers have responded to her post by sharing that they've done a similar project with aprons, quilts, T-shirts, and more. 

"I think every teacher should do this!" Curfman wrote on Facebook. "It's a great project and an even better keepsake."


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