What An Incredibly Generous Teacher Offered Her Student. It Had His Mom Crying Tears Of Relief.

His wish came true.

His name is Matthew Parker and he was in desperate need of a new kidney.


The parents of the little boy looked far and wide for a donor match for their son. At the time, he was suffering from kidney failure and had been spending four hours a day on dialysis. He was in desperate need of a kidney transplant, and Matt's parents wanted to find a living donor match as soon as possible.

Why was the family looking for a living donor match?  According to the National Kidney Registry, transplants that come from donors who are living last nearly twice as long as transplants from deceased donors.

And reducing the amount of time between when a patient like Matt decides to get a transplant, and when that patient finally gets their transplant, is key.

"Studies indicate that the less time the patient is on dialysis, the better the transplant outcome," the National Kidney Registry explains on its website.

Lindsay Painter, Matt's first grade teacher, signed up to be tested as a match.

Painter told NBC News that a nurse reminded her to be realistic about the chances of her of matching her student.

Then Painter got a call. She was a match!

Doctors confirmed that she could donate her kidney to Matt. As a mother of two little boys, she empathized with the Parkers' situation and wanted to help.

The family was taken aback. What they had been looking for all over the country had been right in front of their eyes.

And it was all thanks to the incredible kindness of the volunteers who signed up to be tested.

The Parker family originally created the website mattswish.com to search for a donor. They're leaving it open so people can continue to register to potentially save someone else's life. 

Matt has a teacher, a donor match and a hero all wrapped up in one. He's one happy boy.

Meet Matt, his mom and his teacher in the video below from reporter Emily Baucum and San Antonio's News 4.

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