Teacher Crushes Student In Old School Rap Battle

Someone just got schooled... old schooled.

Challenging your teacher to a public freestyle battle will only help your schoolyard cred — Unless your teacher delivers a lyrical knock-out in the first round. 

And that's exactly what happened when a student decided to take on his gym teacher, Mr. Matthews, in a rap battle. 


The student throws down first.

Yield? Really?

Define yield: to give up or surrender oneself.

Okay, maybe it's a bit formal, but it kind of works here. 

Then it was Mr. Matthews' turn.

Kick it!

The teacher crushes the noob rapper after just one round.

Who's yielding now yo?

Luckily, the battle was caught on a phone by one of the students. Watch them in action.  

Mic drop.

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Yield sign image via Akshay.


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