This Teacher's Cover Of Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ Is So Good You’re Going To ‘Love Excel’

Because Excel is the coolest program out there.

If you hate using Excel, you should really learn to love it.


Since most people dread using the program, especially students, it's hard to get motivated to look at hundreds of little cells.

Therefore, a teacher by the name of Clint Tuttle from the University of Texas at Austin decided to make it a little more fun.

He took Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself," and changed all the lyrics to something relatable to Excel. He also changed the title of the song to, appropriately, "Love Excel."

While looking at hundreds of little cells will probably never make you jump for joy, maybe this song will make it a little more fun.

Besides, when you apply for that dream job and see Excel is a requirement, you're going to be really thankful you know that one secret trick that will make your future boss swoon.

Watch below:


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