Teacher's Brilliant Invention Is The To Key To Keeping Kids From Texting In Class

He's way ahead of the learning curve.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away and a cellphone per day on the calendar keeps the texting at bay. OK, so that last part isn't how the rhyme goes, but thanks to Lakewood High School teacher Corey Aldridge, teachers everywhere can finally get their kids to put down their cellphones and pay attention. 

Aldridge created a "cellphone calendar," where each student must place their cellphone (or ID if they don't have a phone) into each pocket of the calendar for him to mark them present for the day. 


The tenth- and eleventh-grade Ohio-based math teacher also put his phone in there so he didn't look hypocritical. 

He posted the image to Facebook where it soon went viral. It hit the front page of social sharing site Reddit and got over 137,000 shares. 

Clearly, he hit a nerve. 

When asked by a commenter if he cared if his students would dislike him he said this...

Mr. Aldridge, you've already won. 


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