17 Ways To Explain Modern Technology To Your Parents

For non-tech savvy parents.

While you may have a vast history of using technology, it seems that your parents still might not understand it. If your parents still call it "the Internet" or "the Facebook," then you might need to take drastic action to get them up to speed with the digital revolution.

Here are 17 things about technology to teach your parents that will turn them into Mac Geniuses or at least make them able to send an email:


1. Tell them that computers can feed you.

2. Bring in David Hasselhoff for computer demonstrations.

3. Show how easy it is to close a laptop.

4. Show them what to do when their computer doesn't work.

5. Explain that computers are so easy, a monkey can use them.

6. Teach them how to erase files.

7. Compare today's technology with the technology they used as kids.

8. Show them informative videos about the Internet from the '90s.

9. Let them ask questions.

10. Start them off with a '90s computer.

11. Explain how to start the computer correctly.

12. Teach them how to type on the keyboard, just like their friends.

13. Instead of a smartphone, give them an older phone.

14. Older.

15. Teach them about social media ...

16. ... but start them on MySpace.

17. And most importantly, make sure they don't delete their computer.


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