Taylor Swift Warms Hearts Down Under By Visiting Australian Children's Hospital

Another legendary act of kindness.

In between showing up and playing for free at weddings, surprising fans while jogging in Nashville parks, and generally doing deeds worthy of a superhero for complete strangers, Taylor Swift is actually a very famous pop musician.

She just happens to also be a force for good, using her fame and her talent to bring happiness and hope to the world, especially when it comes to those who need it most.

Her latest escapade led her to Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Queensland, Australia to visit some very sick kids.


Swift spent real time with the kids, doing art projects, singing, and just hanging out.

It's impossible to quantify a value on the joy that she must have brought to these young people.

But joy is exactly what she brought.

Thank you, Ms. Swift. This is exactly what the world needs more of.

(H/T: Time)


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