Watch How This Korean Beauty Blogger Transforms Herself Into Taylor Swift

This proves makeup is magic.

South Korean beauty blogger Pony's  stellar makeup skills and innate sense of style attracted over one million fans to her YouTube channel and almost two million to her Instagram. But it's a recent transformation video that really has the Internet talking. The mesmerizing makeup tutorial has been viewed 3.8 million times since it launched last week.

In it, Pony goes from fresh-faced to full on Taylor Swift in less than six minutes. Her meticulous attention to detail is astounding and truly shows the magic of makeup. 


Here's what she looks like without any makeup on:

And here's what she looks like by the end of the tutorial:

Compare that to this photo of the real Swift:

See how she does it in the video below:

This video doesn't only show the power of makeup, but also how fun it can be. Makeup transformation videos often prompt comments like "just be yourself" and "stop copying others." Evident by her blog and Instagram, Pony is clearly someone who has her own unique style. She's not trying to become Swift. Instead, she's admiring and trying out her style for a day.  

It's about time people realize  makeup doesn't have to be about hiding who you are. It can be a way to express yourself and experiment with different looks. 


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