Taylor Swift Gets Super Fierce On Her Treadmill, But It Doesn’t Quite End So Well

She just found her tempo like she's DJ Mustard ... kinda.

Taylor Swift hates cardio just as much as the rest of us do. Well, except maybe for this guy.


Either way, with all that dancing and touring, Swift just has to stay in shape.

So, one way to combat this everlasting love-hate relationship with exercise is to take the smart route and sync up with one of Apple Music's activity playlists.

She comes across the "#GymFlow" playlist and decides to get her sweat on to Drake and Future's "Jumpman" track.

After a little stretching, it's time to get fierce.

She quickly finds her tempo like she's DJ Mustard and gets super into the song and her workout.

However, her cardio workout takes an epic turn for the worst after about 30 seconds and Swift goes flying off the treadmill.

We hope she's OK, because we really need some more hits to fill up our own playlists.

Stay strong. If anything, we're pretty sure Young Metro definitely trusts you ... just maybe not as his workout instructor.

Watch below:


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