Taylor Swift Crashed This Little Girl's Photo Shoot And It's So Cute We Can't Even

Just a random day at the park. NOT.

If you're ever in the Nashville area and decide to go for a walk in one of the parks, don't be surprised when you run into Taylor Swift. Or she runs into you, because, apparently, that's what happens.

A few days ago, photographer Sarah Bailey was taking portrait pics of a girl in a local park. Turns out, her photo session happened to be en route to Swift's jogging trek. Without a second in doubt, the star popped into Bailey's photos and had a small chat with her fan.  


"I was on a hike a few days ago and ran into this little girl and her family there taking Christmas card photos, so we posed for one!! Aw this makes me all happy," Taylor Swift wrote in her Tumblr post.

This just proves you can be famous AND still take the time to be a good person.

(H/T: Jezebel)

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