Taylor Swift's Music Kept Him Going Through This Phenomenal Transformation. Now His Buddy Is Taking Him To Her Concert.

Jus wow.

Roonnie Brower's story is truly inspirational. 

Just a year and a half ago, he weighed 675 pounds (306 kilos). He was no longer able to leave his own home, all because of alcohol, drugs and morbid obesity. If he ever wanted to live past the age of 35, he had to drastically change all of his habits, his doctor warned him. 

So he did. Brower started working out. With the help of two personal trainers and the music of one of his favorite artists — you got it — Taylor Swift, CNN reports.


So his journey began.

Workin' it!

"Day 110. [...] I got miss Swift on the radio. All set," Brower says in the video below.

750 days later, he hit his target weight of 250 pounds. He lost more than half of his initial body weight. 

Joe Bufano, a buddy of Brower, decided to do something special for him as a celebration of all his hard work. As Bufano explains in the video below, he is taking Brower to Taylor Swift's concert this June — a long-time dream of Brower's

What could be more wonderful than getting to meet the inspiration that kept him motivated throughout this phenomenal journey?

Watch the video below to see the entire transformation.

Judging by some of the comments on YouTube, inspiration is contagious.

Couldn't agree more.

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