Taylor Swift Is All Of Us When We're Home Alone In This Dance-Tastic New Apple Commercial

"Dance like no one's watching."

Taylor Swift is back with another Apple Music commercial. This time, though, instead of wiping out on a treadmill, she's having what she calls "a quiet night at home." You might think that involves cuddling up with a book and her cats. In reality, it means pressing play on "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by The Darkness and having a private dance party in her living room. Except it's not so private, since she was nice enough to let us watch. 

Anyone who has ever seen an award show knows how much Taylor loves to dance, and she doesn't hold back here. No piece of furniture is off limits for busting a move.


She rocks out on the coffee table.

She does some dramatic posing by her fireplace.

She even fits in a few chair kicks.

And don't forget the couch!

The commercial encourages us to "dance like no one's watching." We think we've found our weekend plans!


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