He Couldn't Find A Date For A Taylor Swift Concert, So He Did This

Shake it off.

It's never easy to move to a new country and to leave all of your friends behind, especially in the case of Marius Helde Larsen. The 30-year-old Norwegian native just moved to Sydney, Australia for work in September and is having a pretty rough time fitting in and making new friends.

The differences in culture from his native land of Norway to Australia are pretty noticeable, and the problem is exacerbated because he is alone.


There are new customs in Australia that are unfamiliar to him.

There is also one thing that Larsen has a healthy obsession with.

He’s a big Taylor Swift fan.

"I know it's a bit unusual — I normally listen to old music or rock music but I really do think Taylor Swift is very talented," Larsen told Huffington Post Australia.

He would sing and dance to her songs all day.

"My friends back home had seen me dance and sing to the Taylor Swift song," Larsen said to YouTube. "Again and again and again."

Seeing Larsen's interest in Taylor Swift, his friends gave him a special going away present before he left for Australia: two tickets to a Taylor Swift concert in Sydney on November 28.

"When I got it, I really thought it was a good idea but it also made me a bit stressed, because I felt like I have to live up to what they're expecting of me," Larsen said to Huffington Post Australia.

There was a reason his friends gave him two tickets instead of one.

"Their idea was that I would bring my new girl or my new best friend that I would meet in Australia," Larsen said on YouTube.

There's just one big problem.

He still hasn't found a girlfriend or a new friend in Australia to take to the concert.

Larsen said that he searched the gigantic country to find Taylor Swift fans his age, but he still hasn't found anyone.

He’s made friends… but not the kind you can take to a concert.

With the Taylor Swift concert only days away, Larsen desperately posted a YouTube video begging people to help him find someone to attend the show with him. He's still hopeful that he will find a date.

"Time is running out. I'm getting desperate here," Larsen said on YouTube. "Please help me."

Watch the full video:


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