Taylor Swift Is Trolling Her Fans On Instagram In The Nicest Possible Way

"Just trying to get noticed over here."

Taylor Swift recently declared that the "old Taylor" is dead, and even deleted her social media history to prove it. Since then, she hasn't posted much, other than to promote her new singles and upcoming album Reputation. Over the weekend, however, she made a few notable appearances on Instagram. 


More specifically, she spent some time on fans' accounts — commenting, liking, and sending emojis. Obviously, there are the screencaps to prove it. "Just trying to get noticed over here," she ironically wrote on one fan's livestream. In reality, we don't think she had any trouble getting noticed. 

Swift also viewed fans' Instagram stories, and even voted in a few polls. She answered "YES" to whether her Reputation era will live up to her other albums, and voted "HELL YES GO FOR IT" to a fan asking whether she should ask her crush to homecoming.

Needless to say, fans were pretty shocked to see their favorite singer was interacting with them. The reaction shots from their Instagram lives are priceless. One fan was showing off his choreography when he noticed Swift was watching. She joked that it would be "official tour choreo."

Swift has a history of doing sweet things for her fans. She loves to send flowers, and last Christmas she even showed up at a 96-year-old veteran's house to perform and hang out with his family. That's not to mention how generous she is with her money. After winning her sexual assault case earlier this year, she promised to make donations to help other victims.

If you haven't been visited by Swift and wish she would notice you, one Twitter user came up with the perfect technique: "Bring out a cat. She should be there in no time."

(H/T: HuffPost)


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