How One Mom's Clever 'Pump-Kin' Jack-O-Lantern Normalizes Breastfeeding

"Wanted to inspire other mamas to be creative for Halloween."

Breastfeeding is a normal thing with many benefits to a baby. However, there is still a taboo surrounding it, especially with public breastfeeding. In an effort to normalize breastfeeding, parents are coming up with clever ways to show what a natural, important act it is. One viral photo showed a dad eating under a blanket to highlight the stigma associated with breastfeeding while stunning "Tree of Life" images promoted breastfeeding in a natural, beautiful way.

Taylor Rose Tignor is a mom who is passionate about breastfeeding and she wanted to help normalize it using a Halloween twist.


So she created a "pump-kin."

She shared a photo of her genius jack-o-lantern on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page. It depicts a "mama" pumpkin wearing a breast pumpkin filled with pumpkin seeds on one "breast." On the other, there's a baby "nursing."

Tignor explained in the post, "This is my 'pump'kin. she is so happy to give her baby the perfect seed nutrients. I'm very passionate about breastfeeding. Just wanted to inspire other mamas to be creative for Halloween. #normalizebreastfeeding."

Since the post was shared on October 21, it has had a very positive response.

One nursing mom wrote, "This is seriously my life right now. My baby girl is 4 days old and refusing my left boob. So I'm officially pumping it and giving her my right. I've been going crazy all day. But man this here has me dying!!! I love it. It has made me feel so much better. Thank you to who ever did this!"

Another said, "This pumpkin was me, four years ago! I was recovering from an abscess in my right breast, pumping, and nursing on the left side!"

One Facebook commenter highlighted the importance of the pumpkin. She wrote, "This should be on every door of a breastfeeding mama to raise awareness to those who is not aware of this phenomenon. lol"

(H/T: Popsugar)

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