Note Hanging From This Taxi Driver's Steering Wheel Reminds Us That Even Strangers Have Stories To Tell

A reminder not to take your cab driver for granted.

While taking a taxi cab in Singapore, Twitter user Sean Michael Chui saw something peculiar hanging from the driver's steering wheel:


The note on his keys reads: 

Dear daddy, thank you for working so hard for us. I love you a lot. Love, Resi.

Resi is right. Her daddy does work hard. Though taxi drivers are quite literally always there when we need them, their median pay is just $22,000 a year (as of 2012) while the government census data shows the median household income in the U.S. is more than double that, at $51,371 a year.

According to a HealthDay piece, drivers are also at greater risk of homicide on the job than those in the law enforcement or security industry. 

Despite earning below the national average, working nights and weekend hours and oftentimes exposing themselves to dangerous conditions, job growth in the field are increasing at a rate faster than the national average.

We all come from different jobs, places, and walks of life, but what unites us is our common humanity.


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