Tattoos Come To Life On Human Skin With This Incredible Technology

"No post-production was used."

By themselves, tattoos can be pretty gorgeous with intricate designs and meaningful messages and symbols. But given a little extra pizzazz, they can be taken to a whole other level of coolness.


Just imagine if your tattoos could light up and move like this:

And what if your tattoos could look right at you?

It sure would make the art on your body stand out.

The cool effect is accomplished by means of video mapping projection, a technology that enables images to be projected on irregular shaped surfaces, like the human body. A video posted by producers  show the first event of "ink mapping" being used in front of a live audience, and according to the description "no post-production was used" in the making of the incredible video. 

The technology sounds really cool, but seeing it in action will exceed all your expectations. Take a look:


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