Father Of Three Updates His Wife's Tattoo To Represent Their Trans Son's True Identity

Nailing parenthood.

Say hello to the Peace family.


Steve Peace, the father of the three kids pictured above, is a tattoo artist based in Calgary, Alberta. More than a decade ago, he inked his wife Lindsay with tattoos portraying each of their kids — Elliot, Hamish and Ace. 

All of the tattoos had to be retouched given the time that had passed, but the tattoo of Ace, Peace's transgender 15-year-old son, needed some extra work.

"This tattoo is on my wife," Peace explained on his Facebook page. "As our oldest child Ace is FTM transgender, we need to update the tattoo to fully represent who he is in his happy new awesome life."

Ace's ponytails disappeared in the background and the pink dress was turned into a blue t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

"A lot of trans people don't like pictures of themselves from their past. That's one that sort of walked around with us, as a family," Peace told BuzzFeed News. "I think [the tattoo] really reaffirmed, for him, that we believed him."

"It finally fits," Ace told Global News.

(H/T: Huffington Post)


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