Target Releases New Looks From Its Revamped Plus-Size Line That Totally Impress

It's the Ava & Viv 2015 collection.

Target has already been inclusive to all sizes, especially with the beautiful wardrobes in its pre-existing plus-size line Ava & Viv, but the brand's latest collection — with the look-book revealed just in time for fall — is something special. 

Three bloggers teamed up with the company to conceptualize styles, fits and general looks that women considered "plus-size" would love. It's a move that is hugely notable at a time where women who aren't a stereotypical "2" are ignored in the fashion industry. 

One of the women, Nicolette Mason, blogged about how the experience came into fruition:

"Last spring Target invited myself, Gabi [Gregg of Gabi Fresh,] and Chastity [Garner-Valentine of Garner Style,] to the Target Headquarters in Minneapolis to get a first look at the spring-summer collection," she wrote. "We gave wish lists of things we wanted to see, gave our own personal insight on how individual styles could be improved, and shared fit and production notes from the spring collection — and of course, we also had the opportunity to share all the feedback we received from you, our community."

In an "inside look" video, Mason, Garner-Valentine Gregg all revealed just how much input Target gave them, on behalf of women who would actually be wearing the clothes, and the results did not disappoint. The below looks are just a few of the awesome styles they choose for the Fall 2015 collection. 


Cute, but casual pieces for running errands.

Pieces designed to make any body type look ***flawless.

And my favorite ... 

Bold, cool prints.

"Target has (honestly) been an incredible partner to work with, and as always it means a lot to me when brands take the wants and needs of their customers into consideration," said Mason.

Check out more behind-the-scenes looks from the latest collection:

Is it fall yet?

(H/T: Mashable)


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