Target Is About To Shake Up Their Checkout Line In A Big Way, And We Couldn't Be More Excited

Say goodbye to empty impulse calories.

At the end of a long, exhausting shopping trip, nothing looks more appealing than the endless rows of chocolate and candy strategically placed in the checkout line. Most cashiers will even hand the candy right back to you so you can eat it the second you leave. 

Trouble is, most impulse-buy sections don't offer healthier options.

Thankfully, Target will be revamping 30 stores to get rid of candy at the register in favor of more wholesome snacks, starting October 1.


Instead of the sugary treats, the registers will feature granola bars, nuts, and bottles of water. While soda and chips will still be available up front, but in smaller number.

"We feel like we need to make the healthy option the default option," said Christina Hennington, Target's senior VP of merchandising, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The switch is part of Target's initiative to become more health-conscious. Of course, making a bold change could leave some customers feeling isolated, which they are trying to avoid.

"We are testing the envelope to see how far we can push it without annoying our guests," Hennington continued. "They don't want us to tell them how to live their lives."

This doesn't mean that they will stop selling candy altogether, of course. Customers will still be able to buy candy, chips, and soda in their respective aisles in the grocery section of the store. (This is where they keep the good dark chocolate anyway, so it's worth the trip.)

If this initiative is successful, it could revolutionize what checkout lanes at stores looks like and make it easier to make good, health-conscious decisions.

What do you think of Target's initiative? Let us know in the comments!

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[Header image via: iStockphoto]


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