Target's 'Strong Like Mom' Shirts Show Kids That Strength Isn't Just Reserved For Dads And Men


Forget T-shirts that encourage kids to be big and strong like their dads or male role-models, the Cat & Jack clothing collection at Target is now selling T-shirts telling kids to be "Strong Like Mom." The shirt is a welcome message for kids and parents alike, as strength is often associated only with dads and men. 


The $6 T-shirt is available for both boys and girls, and the collection even includes a striped onesie with "Strong Like Mom" emblazoned across the front, so even infants can make the statement. 

The T-shirt is just one of the brand's many pieces touting a positive message, as their range also includes shirts with phrases, such as "Future President," "Genius," "Boss Lady," "Smart and "Strong," "Future Astronaut," and more.

The Huffington Post points out that there is even a #StrongLikeMom hashtag on social media where kids are proudly showing off their shirts.  The boys T-shirt is especially generating buzz because it does away with rigid gender norms and helps show kids that the word "strong" should also be associated with women, girls, and everyone in between. 


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