Photographer Explores Women's Individuality By Taking Intimate Portraits Of Their Updos

It's amazing the personality that hair can convey.

What does your hair say about you?


That's the question photographer Tara Bogart is exploring with her photo series "Modern Hair Study."

Her intimate project explores the ideologies and individuality of young adult women, expressed through unique hairstyles and updos.

Bogart says she borrowed the idea from a 19th century photograph by Felix Nadar.

Just like her inspiration, Bogart's photographs feature women photographed from behind with the emphasis on their backs and hair.

This way she can force the viewer "to contend with all the peripheral things that make each woman unique."

"Modern Hair Study" beautifully represents the many ways in which today's women choose to embellish their hair: from "au naturel," to vividly colored highlights, to messy dreadlocks.

According to Tara, she always tried to photograph her subjects right after approaching them so there would be less "prepping."

"[O]ne of my subjects changed her hair color the night before the shoot. I realized at that moment that I would have to be more spontaneous in my approach," Bogart told photography blog The Photographer Discloses.

So what does your hair say about you? Tell us in the comments!

Tara Bogart is represented by Elizabeth Houston Projects, where she had her first solo exhibition last winter. To see more of Tara's work, please visit her website.

If you'd like to see Bogart's artworks in real life, visit her group exhibition at the Catherine Edelman Gallery in February, 2015.

(H/T: The Photographer Discloses)

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