Tape Face Returned To 'America's Got Talent' And Got Howie Mandel Involved

He's still delightfully weird.

Could a mime wearing tape over his mouth win this season of America's Got Talent? If the unexpected popularity of Tape Face is anything to go by, it's a definite possibility.

If you're not familiar with Tape Face, he's a delightfully strange act out of New Zealand who captivated the judges and audience with his audition earlier this season. He didn't speak a word, but his weird antics — which involved oven mitts and a "lady in red" — did all the talking.

Tuesday night, during another round of judge cuts, Tape Face returned to the stage to secure his place in the live shows.


This time he did a bit of sky-diving with the help of a stool and a very fitting soundtrack.

He also got one of the judges in on the act, coaxing Howie Mandel to join him on stage. Howie, who called his first performance "brilliant," seemed a bit apprehensive of what Tape Face had in store for him.

Using a very confused Howie as a prop, Tape Face made a new kind of "tape face" sing.

So did Tape Face make it to the live shows? The answer is yes. We can't wait to see what other weirdness he has in store.

Watch Tape Face do his thing in the video below:


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