She Hilariously Trolled Her Friend By Wearing Her '90s Bridesmaid Dress Around The House

"I wear mine all the time."

Bridesmaid dresses have a reputation for not being the most flattering or fashionable garments. Even brides with good intentions sometimes look back at their wedding photos and wonder what they were thinking. 

One woman Tammi Sauer openly admitted her bridal fashion faux pas when she posted a throwback photo of her wedding. The June 17 post was to commemorate her and her husband celebrating 22 years together, but she also took the opportunity to apologize to her bridesmaids for their dresses. 


"These two 22-year-olds are celebrating 22 years of marriage! Hubba-hubba. :) (My apologies for those dresses, ladies. This apology includes you, too, Joslyn Hanna.)"

In the photos, the bridesmaids are wearing long dresses made out of a burgundy brocade fabric with a contrasting lace detail on the off-the-shoulder neckline. Sauer told HuffPost the dresses were created using a Jessica McClintock sewing pattern and crafted by seamstresses and family members of the wedding party.

While Sauer might not like the dresses now, her bridesmaid Heidi Mann had a different opinion. Mann hilariously responded to the post by asking, "What do you mean sorry about the dresses? I wear mine all the time."

To illustrate her point, she included various photos of herself doing household jobs in the bridesmaid dress.

In the photos, Mann is seen doing the laundry, watering the flowers, and even lounging on the sofa while reading her tablet.

Sauer responded that the photos were, "the best anniversary present ever." And many other people agreed because the images have gone viral.

Mann told HuffPost that she decided to do the photo shoot because she felt that Sauer's apology wasn't necessary. It also played on the idea that almost every bride ― herself included ― thinks that bridesmaids will be able to reuse their dresses. She explains, "The thought of someone determined to get good use out of their bridesmaids dresses by wearing them for everyday activities made me laugh and I knew it would make Tammi laugh, too."

Others clearly had the same idea about Sauer's dresses because some Facebook commenters are sharing photos of near-identical dresses.


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