Shoe Brand Offers Free Mammograms So You Can 'Love Your Mellons'

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Many brands get involved with Breast Cancer Awareness Month by launching limited-edition "pink ribbon" products where the proceeds go towards cancer research. 

Luxury shoe brand Tamara Mellon wants women to show some love to their "mellons," too. 


So, the brand is offering free mammograms to women in Los Angeles.

From October 8 to 10, Tamara Melon is offering complimentary mammograms and encouraging women to book an appointment on its website.

Those who are not in the LA area can still get involved. Tamara Mellon encourages the rest of the population to visit Susan G. Komen to find free or low-cost mammograms in cities near them.

"All women understand the importance of a mammogram, but the process can be quite daunting for some," Mellon said in a statement, according to Pure Wow. "For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to help alleviate the pressure, and make it easier for women to take that step to get checked."

To go along with the mammograms, the brand has a "Love Your Mellons" campaign and T-shirt. The campaign features women posing topless and explaining how breast cancer has impacted them and why they chose to participate.

"I participated because I love the women in my family and in my life with every inch of me," Dana from Los Angeles said. "It is important to keep the conversation going about cancer! It affects every single human being in my world." 

She continues, "I work in oncology and recently we lost a patient that I grew very fond of. I saw how swiftly breast cancer took her from this optimistic 'Oh no, I'm going back to work' woman to not being able to walk on her own in a matter of days. Women tend to take care of everyone else and we put ourselves on the back burner, but we have to stay alive to take care of our families and sometimes all it takes is moment to check yourself out!"

"I participated to honor a friend, and to be part of a fun, empowering campaign! Breast cancer has twice impacted a close friend, Colleen," revealed Anna from Los Angeles. "She is an example of resilience and transformation despite enduring one of the hardest things that can happen to a woman."

Tamara Mellon is also encouraging women on social media to "nudge" friends using the hashtag #BreastCancerAwareness about performing self-exams and booking their mammogram appointments.

Social media users are thanking the brand for getting involved in the cause.

"As a small business owner, I do not have great insurance, I pay major deductibles and out of pocket expenses," explained one woman. "I will definitely be booking an appointment. I want you to know how absolutely amazing I think this is. How beautifully generous of you."

A daughter stated, "Thank you!! My mother just had her second mastectomy today (first one 20 years ago). Mammograms save lives!"


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