Artist Uses Makeup To Create Intricate Works That Are The Ultimate Eye Candy

Can't stop staring.

"Makeup can be so much more than [what] meets the eye," artist Tal Peleg writes on her Instagram account.

That same account is jam-packed with Peleg's intricate makeup art, drawn above and around eyelids in an effort to reveal all of the medium's capabilities. 

"I think that makeup is an amazing form of art," Peleg tells A Plus in an email. "[Makeup] can transform, it can be expressive, [and] so many different and interesting things can be done with makeup."


Peleg explains that she draws inspiration from everything, including movies and books "or even social matters like anti-bullying or pet adoption awareness."

Scrolling through her work, one notices eye makeup inspired by the Disney film Frozen (2013), which features blue, white and purple makeup with icy details and a portrait of Elsa herself. 

In other images, The Wizard of Oz's Dorothy approaches the Emerald City, a cat and a dog cuddle together, and Salvador Dali's The Persistence of Memory (1931) gets reimagined on an eyelid landscape. 

"I think that makeup is powerful because it uses a unique canvas: the human face and body," Peleg says. "This canvas is very expressive and interesting to begin with, so the final results of makeup art can be very impressive, unique and limitless."

Moreover, Peleg explains that art has always been in her life. 

The talented artist studied visual communication and was always particularly interested in makeup, "so my eye-artistry was a way of mixing all of my passions [makeup and illustration] together." She even uses the natural shape of the eye and eyebrow to help inform her work. 

"Don't copy other artists' works, or try to imitate them, but find your own individual style that people will recognize," Peleg says with regards to discovering one's own artistic capabilities. 

"Be true to yourself and to your own style and [do] not always compare yourself to others. I know it's not always easy, and sometimes it takes time and patience to develop a unique aesthetic, but I think that eventually this is the best way to really stand out."

For more of Peleg's work, be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

(H/T: Mashable)


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