These Weird And Hilarious T. Rex Engagement Photos Remind Us 'Love Isn't Extinct'

" ... no matter who you are, there is love surrounding you."

On a snowy day in Spokane Valley, Washington, two dinosaurs celebrated their engagement.

Greg Basel and Maria Adams, professional photographers, captured a series of engagement photos featuring the two Tyrannosaurus rexes, who were actually Stephanie Mills and Marian Davis, two friends dressed in dinosaur costumes. 


Though Mills and Davis aren't actually engaged, Basel says the photo series was meant to show everyone that "love isn't extinct."

"The message we want to send across is that no matter who you are, there is love surrounding you," Basel told A Plus in an email. "We are surrounded with so much negative news, we wanted to share with the world some funny news that would put smiles on people's faces as well."

Looking at the photos, we'd say they did a pretty good job doing just that. 

Check out the series below and see more of Greg Basel & Maria Adams Photography on their website and blog, too. 


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