Do Not Adjust Your Eyes: That Is Indeed A T. Rex On 'American Ninja Warrior'

Hasn't lost a step in 65 million years.

Lately, we've been seeing a few different characters taking on the course on "American Ninja Warrior."


Recently we saw Wonder Woman, aka stuntwoman Jessie Graff, take on the course in thrilling fashion.

The athletic and powerful Graff became the first woman to complete the course this season, but now, there is a different species  looking to become the first of its kind to complete the obstacle course for the first time in 65 million years.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the course the carnivorous Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Possessing a mandible that could cut through us like a knife through a sirloin and weighing in at an astounding nine tons, there's no telling how far this beast can go.

However, can his immense strength overcome those tiny little arms? This is going to be interesting.

One question remains. Will the T. Rex overcome his stubby, little arms or become the next victim of the water pit? There is only one way to find out. Watch below:


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