With This Creative System, The Visually Impaired Could Experience Color. And It's Beautiful.

"Color is for everyone."

Colors are a part of everyday life. That's why product designer Filipa Nogueira Pires created the Feelipa Color Code, a system aimed to give visually impaired people an opportunity to experience and identify color. 

The Feelipa Color Code system associates geometric shapes with different colors to make it possible for anyone to identify colors by touching the shapes or "feeling" the colors, hence the name "Feelipa." 

The Indiegogo campaign associated with this initiative states: 

"We believe that color is for everyone, that's why we created a change-making code that empowers the visually impaired to be able to identify colors through the combination of colors and shapes, which they can FEEL thanks to a relief in the shapes."


Pires has worked closely with blind children, to help her get a better understanding. Both her work and experience growing up with an aunt who was visually impaired, helped shape her inspiration for the Feelipa Color Code system.

Check it out:

H/T: Designtaxi


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