This Syrian Family Is So Grateful to Justin Trudeau They Named Their Newborn Baby After Him

"He helped a lot of refugees. He’s the reason we are in Canada."

We've heard of baby names gaining popularity thanks to hit television shows (shout out to all of those pint-size Khaleesis and Tyrions!) but one Syrian refugee family has really taken the concept of naming a child after someone you love and admire to heart.

According to Mashable, Muhammad and Afraa Bilan, a Syrian couple who fled the war-torn country for Canada in February 2016 after learning they were being tracked by authorities, have decided to thank the country's compassionate and empathetic Prime Minister by naming their third child Justin Trudeau. 

The tyke, who joins big sister Naya, 4, and brother Nael, 3 was born on May 4 in Calgary — where his parents eventually settled after fleeing Damascus. His full name is Justin Trudeau Adam Bilan.

"We love this man, we appreciate him," mom Afraa Bilan tells The Star of Trudeau. "He helped a lot of refugees. He's the reason we are in Canada."


In the midst of the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis, Trudeau has been one of the only foreign leaders to step up and declare his country a safe haven for thousands of men, women, and children seeking refuge from the relentless death and destruction. According to the Canadian government, more than 40,000 Syrian refugees have settled in the country since November 4, 2015. 

By comparison, an August 2016 article in The New York Times estimated only 12,000 Syrian refugees had been accepted into America since 2012. Given the current administration's policies, that number likely won't rise significantly in the years and months to come.

But the most important thing is, the Bilan family is thrilled to be in Canada. "Canada is much more safe — there's no war, nothing," Afraa tells the BBC. "Everything is different, everything is good — nothing like Syria."

And even though baby Justin Trudeau is less than a week old, he's already way ahead of the rest of his family. "He's the first Canadian," Afraa explains to "He got his citizenship before us!"

Prime Minister Trudeau has yet to publically comment on his mini namesake, but seeing as he's publically embraced Syrian refugees and been moved to tears by those he and his country have helped, we think it's safe to say he will be flattered and honored by the Bilan's choice of moniker for their newborn son.

Cover image via Shutterstock / arindambanerjee.


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