This Powerful Poem About The Refugee Crisis Is Guaranteed To Make You See Things In A New Way

A poet's words are going viral.

With more than 50 million refugees across the globe, many men, women and children are looking for new homes.

The global refugee crisis has divided countries and people on how to respond. Some believe letting refugees onto your soil could put your citizens at risk. Others believe it is our human obligation to take care of one another unconditionally. Some fall in between.

Regardless of what you think, one thing is sure: the refugee crisis is polarizing. And in a new poem from Brian Bilston, that polarization is explored. When you first read it, the poem seems to be making a certain kind of statement about refugees and how to handle them.


But when you're done, try reading it backwards.

"It's a topic that polarizes opinions," Bilston told The Independent. "To be able to take one extreme approach and then play it back on itself to come up with a far more humane position gave it its power, I think."

Cover photo: Matt Cardy / Getty Images.


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