Kindhearted Syrian Refugee Rescues Bride-To-Be From Wedding Dress Blunder

"Today, one man who has seen some of the worst things our world has to offer came to the rescue."

Wedding days are often filled with surprises and, sadly, sometimes that means a serious wardrobe malfunction for the already stressed out bride-to-be. Unfortunately, a woman named Jo was faced with this dilemma when her bridesmaids accidentally broke her wedding gown's zipper right before her wedding. They immediately tried to fix the zipper, but weren't having much luck. 

In a post on the Love What Matters Facebook page, photographer Lindsay Coulter shared a beautiful story of a stranger coming to Jo's rescue. 

"The neighbour living next door to the house they had rented for the wedding had his garage door open when I pulled up so I suggested they run over and ask if he had pliers. One of the bridesmaids quickly went over and spoke with their neighbour," she said in the Facebook post. "She came back with a handful of tools and some interesting information: the next door neighbour was hosting a family of Syrian refugees and the father was a master tailor and would be happy to help if we weren't successful."

After just a few minutes, the neighbor, the tailor, and his son were at the bride's door with a sewing kit. 

"I went out to take some photos of the groomsmen and came back to find the tailor putting the finishing stitches on her dress," Coulter said. "The neighbour David told me they had just moved to Canada four days ago. They didn't speak a word of English, and had been communicating by using Google Translate. The young boy looked at his Dad, the girls around him, at my camera and back to his Dad about a hundred times. He was curious and in seemingly good spirits. I couldn't help but stand back in awe of the situation." 

That's right — a total stranger, who spoke no English and had just moved to a new country four days prior to escape war, helped this bride-to-be in need. 

We think he set a beautiful example for his son. 


"Every weekend I take photos of people on the happiest days of their lives, and today one man who has seen some of the worst things our world has to offer came to the rescue. I am so proud to live in Canada, a country who has opened our doors to refugees countless times," Coulter said.

"I'm in awe of the families who have welcomed these strangers in to their homes and lives, and I'm inspired by the resilience of the Syrian people. We are truly blessed."

The post has been shared more than 500 times and amassed over 5,000 likes in just a half hour of it being posted. It's filled with positive comments that show just how touched people were by this story. Stories like this help to raise awareness about refugees and remind us that discrimination and fear keep us from letting wonderful people into our lives. 


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