Syrian Refugee Feeds Germany's Homeless, Raises The Humanity Bar

This guy's on another level.

If you're worried letting in Syrian refugees means letting in terrorists and general public resource drains, you should probably meet Alex.

Alex is a Syrian refugee living in Germany, and according to a Facebook post by Tabea Bü, he spends every Saturday serving home-cooked meals to homeless people. His makeshift soup kitchen includes a sign in English reading "Give Something Back To German People" and includes bread, rice, and stew.

According to The Mirror, the Alex is a Syrian Christian who wants to prove Syrians are "not consumer people" and instead "want to be [a] positive part of [the] German community."

Over the past few months, Germans have shown how welcoming they can be to refugees, from generous toddlers to the government translating the constitution to Arabic. As Alex proves, the kindness isn't one way.



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