Syrians Came Together For A Meaningful Soccer Game, And Everyone Came Away A Winner



While some of us bemoan going to a sporting event — The parking! The price of popcorn! The rude guy we're sharing an armrest with! — some are celebrating the bigger meaning behind such gatherings.

In one case, that's Syrians who came out to see Al Ittihad and Horiyah play a soccer match in Aleppo.

The people of the country are currently experiencing attacks on two fronts, with a war continuing to rage within its borders, and the initiatives of some to keep fleeing Syrians out of their countries.

This game brought a sense of normalcy to those who attended. Even if just for a short period.

"It is our right to play in Aleppo. We play better in Aleppo. We want to make Aleppo's name high," one player said.

Check out the video above to see more from the match.


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