These Dogs Aren't Waiting To Be Rescued. What They're Doing Instead Is Ingenious.

Really, genuinely, just wow.

Schedules at music and film festivals are packed as a rule, and this month's South by Southwest is no exception. Whether attendees are watching the premiere of Jude Law and Melissa McCarthy's "Spy," pumping their fists to Marina and the Diamonds, or lining up to hear a Google exec talk about the self-driving cars of the future, it's safe to say that they're going to be busy. Maybe even too busy (gasp!) to charge their phones.

Which would be a problem if a small, fluffy tech support squadron wasn't prepping to come to their rescue.

It works like this, according to Adweek: When the battery icons on attendees' phones are blinking red, they'll send a screenshot to Mophie on Twitter.


Then the tech accessories company will send out the big dogs. Literally.

Inspired by stories of St. Bernards working as rescuers in the Alps, Mophie teamed up with the Oregon-based St. Bernard Rescue Foundation so that some SXSW goers in need of a charge could receive one at the paws of a furry friend.

If you don't think this is the cutest, cuddliest possible solution to powering up while on the move, wait until you hear the second half of the organization's plan.

"The idea is: mophie and the St. Bernards save the people of SXSW. The people of SXSW save the St. Bernards," Mophie vice president of marketing Ross Howe said in a press release.

Far too many dogs are still looking for their forever home, and the St. Bernard Rescue Foundation hopes that their partnership with Mophie will encourage people to adopt.

Which honestly is the perfect ending to an already pretty perfect tail... er, tale.

Learn more about pet adoption and finding your local shelter at ASPCA's website.

Cover photo via iStock / Simpson33 / Raduga21.


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