Using Nothing But Her iPhone 6, This Artist Perfectly Nails Surreal Photography

Some of these give us real shivers.

During the last couple of days, news organizations all over the world were predicting a major blizzard that would potentially paralyze the big cities in the northeastern United States. And while in some places the blizzard didn't really live up to its hype, we'd be lying if we said the thought of a metropolitan apocalypse hasn't crossed our minds at least once.

Armed with nothing but her iPhone 6, Swopes, a Chicago-based graphic designer and mobile photographer, snaps the most surreal photos of cities like New York and Chicago and edits them to look pretty apocalyptic. We're talking waterfalls falling over skyscrapers, waves rushing through the streets and lonely giraffes on crosswalks. The final result is stunning.

Scroll down to see our selection of Swopes' mobile masterpieces.


If you liked these, make sure to follow Swopes on Instagram for your daily dose of surreal cities. You can also read a bit more about apps Swopes is using on her website.

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(H/T: Fubiz)


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