Watching A Doughnut Launch Into Space Is The Best Pursuit Of Scientific Knowledge Ever

The doughnut made it back, but not in once piece.

Brothers Benjamin and Alexander Jönsson from Lysekil, Sweden are apparently the first people in history to send a doughnut to space. 


"I'm really into space and photography and I used to play around with weather balloons back in school. Then we had the idea that we should send something really crazy up into space and thought 'hey, nobody has ever sent a donut up before'," Alexander said in an interview with news source The Local.

The brothers built a weather balloon craft to carry the doughnut above the Earth's surface. They also added a camera to record the space journey. 

They launched the craft from Norway where it rose 20 miles upwards to reach the edge of space. 

After five hours and a crash landing into a lake, the Swedish Sea Rescue Society helped retrieve the precious pastry cargo. 

Space and sea had obviously taken its toll. 

What are the brothers planning on doing next? Rumor has it they plan on launching something from the U.S. in 2017. 

Wonder what strange items they'll send up next time. 

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