Sweden Nails It Yet Again. This Time With A Catchy Rap Song On How Business Should Be Done.

Coolest country ever?

There are a lot of thing to admire about Sweden – equal rights, getting 90% of your wage during the first 180 days of maternal or paternal leave and, of course, good old Ikea.

Judging by the video released by TCO, a trade union confederation, doing business like a Swede might be the next big thing. The video aims to promote unions and employers "jointly agreeing on the best conditions in the labor market, without the government interfering in every decision."

Now some people might think "unions and labor markets" sound slightly boring. But don't be mistaken. This video is a lot of things, but boring isn't one of them.

"I clock in at my desk around a quarter to nine, settle on my swiss ball that straightens my spine," raps a guy while at his office  "I got a retirement plan, yeah my future's secured, and if I get a mouse elbow, I'm fully insured."

"I treat my employees with love and respect," a young woman in a business suit continues. "We have a collective agreement no one can reject."

Oh boy. How do we get this tune of our heads now?


In case you missed it, "Business Like a Swede" comes a year after another TCO masterpiece, "Like a Swede (a way of living)."

The original, "Like a Swede (a way of living)", is a hilarious parody of how our lives would look like if we all lived like Swedes.

"The first thing I did was negotiate with my da—my boss into giving me six months paternity leave with 90 percent pay, like a Swede," explains the man on camera.

You can watch the entire video below. 

Is this the most ridiculously awesome country to live in or what?

Learn more about the Swedish Part Model on the Like A Swede website.

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