Philadelphia Mom Chalks Over A Spray-Painted Swastika, Transforming It Into A Symbol Of Hope

Only light can drive out darkness.

In the wake of the election of Donald Trump as president, numerous racially charged incidents were reported throughout the nation. This came as no surprise to many given the Republican's history of xenophobic remarks and many controversial supporters, including the KKK. To his credit, on 60 Minutes this Sunday, when prompted by CBS' Lesley Stahl to respond to the incidents, Trump did ask his supporters to "stop it."

On Friday, in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia, resident Beth Huxta noticed a swastika spray-painted on a bench in a playground that she frequently visits with her 2-year-old son. After posting a photo of the hateful symbol to a local Facebook group for moms, they developed a creative solution. They used chalk to draw a window over the swastika.


The idea to turn the Nazi symbol into a 4-pane window was partially inspired by an episode of Orange Is The New Black.

"To the person who would draw a hate symbol at a playground: I want you to let the light in most of all," Huxta wrote on Facebook.

Huxta and the other local moms began drawing a series of windows all around the park as a symbol of unity.

"It's a message to everyone who feels helpless, lost, scared, angry, sad or defeated," Huxta told Billy Penn. "It's also a message to the people who are committing these hateful acts. I hope the person who painted the swastika walks by these hundreds of windows and sees how we came together peacefully against their hate."

Huxta suggested on Facebook that people who spot a swastika should first photograph it and then report it to the Anti-Defamation League like she did. 

Afterwards, you should draw a window over it to "let the light in."



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