Mom Speaks Out Against School That Shamed Her Daughter's Clothes

“It was madly inappropriate for my daughter to be humiliated in front of other students ... "

It is seriously mind-boggling how schools can enforce outdated and sexist dress codes, which is why one mom in South Carolina is taking a stand against a middle school that deemed her daughter's outfit a dress code violation.

Twelve-year-old Reese Franyo sported a boxy T-shirt and a preppy denim skirt at her school last week when the incident occurred.

"I was walking down the hallway with my friends when my art teacher said my skirt was too short and that I needed to go and change," the Moultrie Middle School student told The Post and Courier. "She said to me, 'It looks like you belong in a club.'"

After being sent to the principal's office, Franyo called her mom, Suzie Webster, to bring her a pair of pants to change into.

When Webster arrived, it wasn't her daughter who she was angry at — but rather at the school.

"It was madly inappropriate for my daughter to be humiliated in front of other students and if there was concern about her meeting the dress code, there was a more tactful way vs. a public shaming," Webster wrote on Facebook.

She claims that Principal Cumback told her that the school must "monitor the girls attire because boys at this age get very distracted by the girls and their appearance."

After seeing that her daughter felt embarrassed and unnecessarily apologizing to the principal, Webster called out the school for shaming girls just because of their clothes.

"Shouldn't the emphasis be on teaching our sons to be gentlemen and focus on their school work, not how much skin our daughters are showing?" she wrote on Facebook. "It really is hard enough to raise girls to have positive self-esteem and a good body image without worrying that they are being shamed by their teachers and administrators. "

On September 21, Webster shared a photo of her daughter wearing the outfit to Facebook to shed light on what the school was doing. On week later, her post received over 1,600 likes.


After the post went viral, the school released a statement clarifying their dress code.

"In no way do we want any student to feel it's their fault in how someone views them when it comes to what they wear," the school district told TODAY. "However, in this situation, we do not feel Principal Cumback intentionally set out to embarrass the student. He never told her, nor her parent, she could not wear the skirt. He did ask the student to be cognizant of the skirt going above the five-inch line when walking and sitting."


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