Susan Sarandon Responded To A Body-Shaming Tweet With A Hilariously Perfect #TBT

A perfectly timed comeback.

While attending the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday, actress Susan Sarandon sported a cream double-breasted Max Mara suit. She was nominated for an award for her role in The Secret Life Of Marilyn Monroe, and while the 69-year-old did not take home the trophy, she did just win a major victory by flawlessly shutting down a TV journalist that criticized her suit.


Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

During the ceremony, Sarandon presented the "In Memoriam" segment. Meanwhile, some people on social media were shaming Sarandon's outfit choice — including journalist Piers Morgan.

He criticized her again.

And again.

Until, finally, Sarandon stood up to Morgan with the greatest comeback ever.

Sarandon's comeback, a still from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, poked fun at the dissonance of Morgan's comment: the idea that breasts could be appropriate in a film but not at a film industry event. That certain types of breasts might be more appropriate for consumption than other types of breasts. That women's bodies and the clothes they wear on them should be fodder for consumption and commentary at all.

Her photo inspired other women to share photos of them rocking their own low-cut shirts and dresses on Twitter. 

"Remember that we are in 2016 and women can dress as you see fit," one woman wrote.

When possible, if you can defend yourself against haters, like Sarandon did, it will send a direct message that those types of critical comments are not acceptable and it will allow you to educate people as to what is acceptable to say.

Cover image via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images.


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