Senator Susan Collins Met With ‘Heartwarming’ Response Upon Returning To Maine

She’s not the only senator who’s hearing a lot of “thank yous” from constituents this weekend.

Susan Collins, one of the three Republican senators whose "no" vote killed the Senate's latest effort to repeal and replace Obamacare, was greeted with a welcome she described as "heartwarming" when she landed in her home state of Maine this weekend. 


After Collins disembarked and began walking through the Bangor, Maine airport, passengers waiting to board spontaneously started clapping for the senator. Collins said she didn't know any the constituents who were applauding, but notes that such a response was incredibly encouraging after what she called "a very difficult time."

"It really was so extraordinary, heartwarming and affirming," she told Jake Tapper on Sunday. "It was just amazing. I've never had that happen in the 20 years that I've been privileged to serve in the Senate."

Collins isn't the only senator who is feeling the love this week. Individuals in Arizona placed thank you signs along the road leading to John McCain's house. McCain, along with Alaska senator Lisa Murkowski, whose constituents held a rally to thank her in Anchorage this week, also broke with party lines on the health care bill vote this week. 

"Health care is extraordinarily complex, and we must work together systematically in order to 'do no harm' and improve our health care system," Collins said in a statement about the bill earlier this week. "In developing legislation, our focus should be on the impact on people, premiums, and providers. We're dealing with an issue that affects millions of Americans and one sixth of our economy, and we need to approach reforms in a very careful way."

(H/T The Hill)


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